Monday, 13 February 2012


1) Despite hating the BMW-driving man you are slightly jealous.
2) Pizza tastes better slightly burned.
3) You never see a brand-new double decker bus.
4) You have never owned a computer printer that you have been entirely happy with.
5) Barbeques just are not worth the bother.
6) Vomiting is euphoric.
7) You miss the early nineties just a little bit.
8) Whenever you buy a new fridge you are concerned that it's not quite cold enough.
9) Nobody knows where the mugs in your house came from.
10) You harbour secret ambitions to be a writer.
11) Wasps can completely ruin your day.
12) It's horrible walking down the street at the same pace as a complete stranger.
13) You can't understand why some cars have the lights wired up wrong.
14) Your mother slams the car door too hard.
15) You feel at home in B&Q.
16) There is no location worse than a station car park.
17) All community centres are depressing.

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