Monday, 13 February 2012


It concerns me how fucking stupid a lot of people are in the world, it really does.

Is it just me, or has this economic turmoil dredged some really stunningly inane people out of the woodwork? I mean real, REAL pieces of shit with nothing more than a dead wasp rattling around in their skull.

Only the other day I was driving down Southgate Road and some cigaretting youth ran over an old lady on the crossing. Of course this is very traumatic for the old lady and clearly no laughing matter. One thing I want to make clear though is that where road crossings are concerned PEOPLE HAVE NO FUCKING INTELLIGENCE AT ALL. NOT ROUND HERE, OH NO!

It's like their IQs are temporarily drained my mystical forces and all of a sudden they're proud to be stupid. The junctions near us are terribly bad. People - usually fat mothers pushing a pram - are too busy screaming into an Iphone to notice that 2 tonnes of metal is heading their way FAST. I want to know what goes on in their heads.

Could it be:

"I'll just knowingly push my child into a road where there's accidents all the time without looking. We are invincible because I am screaming into and Iphone."


"Despite the fact I have lived here my entire life I haven't noticed that cars hurtle round here at high speed and people are always being run over."

Well, which is it?

Anyway, this particular old lady was run over but then the guy that ran her over left his car blocking the road when he consoled her. Can I repeat that:


I know that he was eager to ensure that she wasn't too mashed up but could he not have spent 10 seconds moving his £1500 rollerskate out the way so that everyone else wasn't punished for HIS stupidity? He could SEE the queue of traffic building up and still chose not to move his Halford's special.

You see this everywhere. A total overreaction. It's the same with these pudgy pricks that hear a siren from half a mile away and actually drive on to the fucking curb to get out the way of a vehicle that might not even be coming their way. Ditto the fucking motorways. A lorry has had a blowout and left a tyre on the carriage way. Whoopee shit. I ask this: why is it necessary to close the entire sliproad for an entire afternoon? Why can't the first copper there simply drag the damn thing out of the way and put an end to it? Will we ever see the day when civil servants don't have to fill in thirteen different forms just to unlock a door?

Like Balzac said: "Beaurocracy is a giant machine controlled by pygmies." Come to think of it, he was a twat too.

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