Wednesday, 20 May 2009

20 things to do before I die

Some of these are more realistic than others.

1) Drive up one of those car transporters you occasionally see parked at the side of motorways. At 70mph.
2) Go mental with a flamethrower in a public place.
3) Wire my head up to the mains.
4) Wire a kitchen appliance directly into the wall. No plug or anything, just solder the wires into the terminals.
5) Walk sideways down the street dressed as a ninja.
6) Smuggle some drums into a cinema and start playing them mid film.
7) Open the coolant-opening on the back of a bus. The ones that say 'do not open'.
8) Find someone in a wheelchair and somehow attach it to the front of a lorry.
9) Mount a machine gun on the bonnet of my car.
10) Steal a crucifix from a church and mount it on my car.
11) Make tea in my mouth.
12) Make Brian May's life a misery for a bit. Just a bit.
13) Release a lion into a pub.
14) Drive a car into the sea.
15) Drive a JCB.
16) Take a huge ladder on the bus.
17) Fire a shotgun from a moving car. Terminator style.
18) Solve a massive crime.

Anyone got any more?

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  1. re: 11 - As done by Lee Taylor...happy days.