Sunday, 31 May 2009

the place in which I live

If, like me, you live in a relatively poor area, you may wonder how on earth people can afford expensive cars.

I do too.

Why is it that the really, really ropey houses here all seem to have BMWs parked outside? When the day comes that I consider buying a BMW I can guarantee I will not live here.

Where do these people get their money from? They can’t all be drug dealers. And if they can afford a brand new Audi A6 why on earth do they live in Old Swan? It makes no sense. It’s like wearing a £2000 suit and dining in McDonalds.

I can only assume that these cars belong to young chaps who live rent-free with their parents and spend all their spare cash on a nice set of wheels. But come on, nobody has got a job in Liverpool any more. And who would be daft enough to leave a nice car unattended on the street here for more than 10 minutes? I feel twitchy as hell leaving my washing on the line over night.

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